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Barbie Hampton

About Barbie

Award-winning artist Barbie Hampton grew up learning various art and craft skills from her talented parents. She began sewing at ten, and experimented with every type of craft imaginable. In 1991, Barbie made her first jointed bear . She now produces about 300 bears a year. Her bears can be found in specialty shops around the country and she also displays her creations at shows and conventions.

 Barbie and her bears have been featured in four magazines and two source books. In 1995, she signed a contract with a manufacturer to have her own line of manufactured plush bears to be sold all over the world. (See the link to the Ozark Mountain Bear Collection below)

 Most of Barbie's bears are made from luxurious mohair or alpaca. The teddies are fully jointed and have either German glass or antique shoe buttons for eyes. The nose on each bear is meticulously embroidered to ensure a delightful expression. Each bear is signed and dated and will have Barbie's personal label sewn into the back seam of the bear.

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