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All Ozark Mountain Bears are fully jointed, have safety eyes, hand stitched nose, and polyester stuffing.
Ozark Mountain Bears are desinged by award-winning artist Barbie Hampton.
  This is only a sampling of what is available.  For a full color catalog, send $2.

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(8") "Happy" $13
Dark brown soft plush fur, has his birthday hat and horn, ready to party!

(10") "Ivory" $14
White chenille fur, white lace collar with red ribbon/roses.  Great for year-round, Christmas and Valentine's Day.
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(8") "Jenni" & "Jessi"
$11 ea

White chenille fur, red rose collar,/red rosette & gold bow. precious little Angels!

(8") "Kayce" $13
Brown plush fur with cute little romper and bow in her ear.  Fabrics will vary. 
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(8") "Lady" $13.
Brown fur, has ladybug bow, holds a ladybug, and has a bee on her ear..

$9, $11, $14, $19

White chenille fur, with pink wired ribbon bow.
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(6") "Natalie" $8.

Angel bear, light brown plush fur with pink ribbon/rosettes.  Other angels are Ruby,  Crystal, and Angelique.  Has a hang tab, or will sit.

(10") "Patches" $16.
Brown fur, has had lots of love, pastel patches sewn on.
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princess.jpg (40531 bytes) (10") "Princess" $16
White chenille fur, has her wings, crown and magic wand! Adorable!
(9") "Ricki"   $10
Light Brown plush fur.  Ribbon bow matches paw pads.  also shown are Nicki and Micki...

(6") "Ruby" $8
Angel bear with brown plush fur.  Red ribbon/ roses.  Has hang tab, or will sit.  Great for Christmas and Valentine's.

(10") "Sue" $15
Brown chenille fur, cute little artist has gotten paint all over herself!  Has her brush and pallette ready.

(12") "Sunny"   $17
Brown fur, sunflower ribbon and bouquet.

(8") "Tammy & Tommy"  $13 ea.
White or brown chenille fur, pink or blue romber/diaper and wood block. 
Tammy & Tommy
Val (12") "Val" $14
White chenille fur, red Valentine's sweater.
(8") "Vicki" $13
Victirian bear with pearl necklace, and fancy hat.

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